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HALLOWEEN is GREAT FUN - everyone loves to dress up and become someone or something else. Mehron PERFORMANCE MAKEUP is designed to allow for creative, safe and easy application and design (we provide detailed instructions with our products!). Our makeups are easily removable, often with soap and water. All are manufactured in the United States to the highest standards and contain only FDA approved ingredients, making Mehron makup the perfect choice for children and adults alike. We're backed by more than 75 years of experience and are proud of our wide selection, great value and dedication to unrivaled service.

FANTASY MAKEUP and FACE PAINTING have grown rapidly in popularity. With Mehrons unparallelled selection of products and colors, your creativity can run wild! From Body and Hair Liquid Makeup to Fantasy F/X Makeup to Metallic Powders and Character Kits, Mehron can meet all of your makeup needs.

Graftobian Fantasy Make-Up can create for you dazzling Latex Fantasy designs, solid Silver and Gold statue effects, Queen of the Nile Luster Eye treatments, Mousse hair with Shimmer, Goth, Science Fiction, etc. Wild and Wooly but rarely meek or mild.

Graftobian offers the ideal glitter for use with our famous Disguise Stix Face Painting Make-up. Sprinkle glitter onto design while coloring is still moist. Glitter may be applied with fingertips or with a blush brush.

Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex the Graftobian way is FANTASY! Yes, we carry clear latex for scars, blisters, old age effects, etc. But, our Colored Liquid Latex is what'll knock your socks off. Use the colored latex along with powdered glitters or Luster powders and WOW!

Graftobian Glamour Make-Up is beginning to catch fire! Our Luster Make-Up Crèmes and Powders create dazzling eye shadow effects. Our Crème Foundations and Lining shades are silky smooth with incredible coverage. Our 20 shades of Lip color are to die for!

Ben Nye
Foundation serves as a "canvas" for the makeup design. Our creme foundation palette is diverse and stylish to naturally match or dramatically alter an actor's skin tone. Intense pigmentation improves skin texture and blends effortlessly with Creme Highlights, Shadows, Rouges and Lining Colors.

Aquacolor Wet Cake Make-up
Aquacolor is a glycerine-based moist cake foundation and lining colors with excellent covering characteristics. Easily applied with a dampened sponge wrung dry. Accent colors should be applied with a brush. Removable with soap and water. Available in approximately 250 skin tones, face painting, clown and fantasy colors. Peach-tan tones (W series) have been designed for intimate theater, film and television.

Cinema Secrets

You’ve seen it by the bucketful in movies and on T.V. Now discover why Cinema Secrets Bloodline is the blood of choice for so many.

We offer two handy flavors of stage blood- FX Blood and Blood Gel